Available Streeterville Apartments

Available Streeterville Apartments

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Indoor Plants and air quality

We all know that fresh air can have a tremendous affect on our well being and state of health.  Inhaling fresh and clean air can prevent many illness and diseases. Air pollution can come in many form both naturally and made man.

These common gaseous air pollutants includes carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide,  chlorofluorocarbans (CFCs) and nitrogen oxides – all of which have a bad effects on our health if we inhale them regularly. Pollution causes not only physical disabilities but also psychological and behavioral disorders.  Headache, bronchitis, asthama, irritation of eyes, cardiovascular problems are some of the common causes of air pollution.

According to the World Health Organization, it is estimates that about two million people die prematurely every year as a result of air pollution, while many more suffer from breathing ailments, heart disease, lung infections and even cancer.

Plants can help a lot to provide fresh air to our living environment. We all know that plants divert polluted air into fresh one. This is one of the best solutions that we can have. Most people love to put plants inside their houses, not only for decorative purposes but for indoor air quality. Maintaining fresh air inside your house improves your general health. Air circulation is vital to the health of your home, so you have to allow this flow of air to ‘circumnavigate’ your house at least a few times a day, preferably on dry days with a low pollen level.

Indoor plants are great for your apartment. Apartment have less space compared to a home but that should not deter you. Planting indoor plants can help increase the level of air quality. A lot of plants flourish in unhealthy toxic pollutants that can take over your apartment and they can completely removes these harmful chemicals that cause illness. The best plants for this are English ivy, gerbera daisies, rubber plant, weeping fig and the Peace lily. You can also search online for other kinds of plants.

Renter’s rights

Knowing your legal right is very important. Even if you are a tenant or the landlord, understanding your legal rights is the first step to make any intelligent decision. You can check online about the legals rights and the actions that you can take in order to solve your landlord and tenant issue. GotTrouble.com provides both sides with useful information and resources.   There are also several government website in all cities throughout the United States that provide renter information.

Here are some basic tenant rights that you should know about:

1. State by State Laws- Before considering signing a lease you should familiarize yourself with the laws of the State you are moving to and how they will affect you as a tenant.

2. Take Pictures of the Property- it is your right to be tour the property before you can decide to rent a property. It is best to see and check damages and take some pictures as proof. In this way you can react to complaints or claims that you damage a property.  You can also use this information against landlords who seek to make unjustified deductions from your security deposit.

3. Your Security Deposit- You should also be aware that in many States there is a limit on the amount landlords can charge for security deposits. Most States requires the return of your refundable deposit in 14 to 30 days after vacating the property.

4.  Condition of the Property by the Landlord- The property should be habitable, structurally sound and safe with water, heat and electricity by the landlord. Your rights are not to be violated, and the property cannot be entered without your knowledge and consent.

5. Landlord and Tenant Disagreement- If  there is a disagreement between the landlord and tenant, the landlord still has to follow the lease agreement. You cannot be deprived of your utilities, locked out of the property, evicted without legal notice or have the property seized for non-payment of rent.  There strictly guidelines that all landlords have to follow before they can take unilateral action against you.

6. Landlord and Tenant Dispute- undeniably there are times that the tenant and landlord may have some misunderstanding about some issues on the property. The best thing to solve this issue yourself to avoid costly legal fees. If the issues cannot be resolved, you can enlist the help of a neutral mediator.

Understand the lease agreement can be complex. There is no such thing as a standard lease agreeemt, so for your own protection, you need to understand exactly what you are agreeing to when you lease a property.

Moving tips

Moving from one place to another is never easy. There are things that you need to prepare, and there are things that you need to pack. In order to have a smooth and easy process of moving you need to prepare and stay organized.

Create a moving list by listing all the things that you need to pack. Small and important things like important files, jewelries and photos should not be ignored and should be considered first. Make sure the you put everything that you need on the list.

Get rid of the clutter- decide what you need and what you don’t need. You can have a garage sale a month before the move to sell what you don’t need. Or consider donating them to charity.  You should separate your things into two categories: important things and non-important things.  This way you will know what you need to move and what is important to you.

Organizing your things – before packing you need to separate the things that you need to bring. For each box, you need to label and put details about its contents so that when it comes time to unpack or look for your things, you will know where everything is at.

Another thing that you can do to organize your packages by color code. You can put label on your boxes based on the level of fragility of the things inside each box to prevent damages.

Lastly, the best thing to consider is to get a professional organizer. This might should expensive because you are paying someone to pack your things but if you don’t have the time, it is better to let a professional do it for you so that it gets done correctly. Most of the people who are too busy and do not have enough time to fix and pack their belongings. They can also put you in touch with house cleaners, carpet cleaners and other professionals that can assist you with all of the details involved in your move.  It is something to consider if you have the money and don’t have the luxury of time to move.

Michigan Ave Apartment for Rent

This Streeterville apartment is ideally located on the Mag Mile at 777 North Michigan Avenue, Unit 1400 with 1650 sq foot.  This is a two bedroom and 2.5 bath apartment available to rent for $2450 a month.

This is a fabulous apartment with amenities that include, 24 hour door man, pool, exercise facilities and more.  To get more information on this unit please contact our office at (312) 755-9999.

Streeterville Apartments for Rent

The three bedroom and 2.5 bath apartment inside the cutting edge Helmut Jahn Glass Tower in the heart of Streeterville is available for rent.  This apartment has breath taking 10 foot floor to ceiling windows.

This unit comes with full spectacular building amenities, including an indoor pool, sundeck, fitness, and nice kitchen with all the extras.

The unit is ready to be moved in now.  The rent is set at $4,550.00 a month.  Please call Streeterville Properties for more information at (312) 755.9999.

Lovely two bedroom apartment

This huge sunny south west facing apartment with a split two bedroom apartment is available to rent at 1360 North Sandburg Terrance, Unit 311.  The unit has a balcony overlooking a garden and private park.  This Streeterville apartment has oak floors.

The kitchen was recently remodels and has ample storage space.

The building is pet friendly.

There are two bedroom and two baths.  Approximately 1100 sq. footage of space.

The rent is $2200.00 a month.  If you have interest in the apartment please contact Streeterville Properties at 312-755-9999.

How to find apartments with pets in Streeterville

How to find apartments with pets in Streeterville! If you are you looking for a new apartment to rent? Many people are looking for family friendly establishment, and are also looking for a pet friendly rental. Due to the fear of costly pet damage, a lot of landlords do not allow tenants to have pets in the apartments. However, with a little bit of research and a little friendly persuading, it is possible to find an apartment to rent that will that allow pets.

If your wondering how to find apartments with pets in Streeterville the most important thing is to start looking. To get started, you first need to look for apartment rentals. You can find up to date listings a number of ways. It is always better to start with an online search on classified and rental websites. After this you may want to check your local newspaper’s housing section. Finally, keep your eyes and ears open, as some rentals are posted on community boards and others just have a for rent sign placed out front. One of the easiest ways of finding what you are looking for is to take a walk around the district where you hope to live and see what boards are offering what properties for rent. Even if the specific properties are only showing in certain classified advertisements you are still advantaged by knowing the neighborhood. If your pet happens to be a dog you will undoubtedly get talking to people that remark on your animal and you can make them aware of your search.

If certain apartment rental listings do not state whether or not pets are allowed, it typically depends on how you are viewing this rental. As landlords pay to publish a rental listing in a newspaper; therefore, they tend to limit their costs with just supplying the basic information. In a case like this you have nothing to lose by calling to inquire.

When wondering how to find apartments with pets in Steeleville we would recommend that pet owners that are looking for apartments to rent plan quite far ahead. As you have found out, not all landlords or property managers allow pets in their apartments. That is why forward planning is advised. As soon as you know that you are moving start searching for your new place immediately. Even if it is just to put your name of waiting lists for complexes where you know for certain that pets are allowed.

Streeterville is an affluent, lakeside Chicago neighborhood with a mix of residential real estate. On the same block you’ll find vintage flats, multimillion-dollar homes, affordable apartments, and luxury high-rises. Lakefront condos are prime property in Streeterville, offering spectacular views, proximity to downtown and, of course, access to Chicago’s magnificent Lake Michigan coastline. As your pet is part of the family it is inconceivable that you would move without him so when you find the place that you are looking to rent and you find that the pet is an obstacle, you may want to offer something extra as a deposit as that may just be enough to sway the deal.

Basic apartment rental tips

Here are some basic apartment rental tips when you are looking in the Streeterville area.  Take your time and don’t rush into anything.  The landlord or rental management company is always going to tell you that the apartment is not going to last long.  Its there job to create the illusion that there is high demand for the apartment whether it is real or not.  This sense of urgency forces you to act quickly to secure the apartment.  Operate at your own pace.  Only move fast if the apartment offers what you want and is perfect for you.  Otherwise, listing to your inner voice if you feel pressure and step a way from the deal.  You should never feel pressure or force into a rental or lease agreement.  You don’t want to be stuck in an apartment that you are not completely happy with for six to 12 months long.  The typical Streeterville lease agreement is usually around 12 months due to the high demand.  So think clearly and make sure you want the place before you put down a deposit and fill out the application.

Next, pay attention to the little times.  If you see dents, paint scratches, poorly manicure lawns, broke elevators, smelly hallways, and broken washing machine… these are signs of neglect.  The owners or management company may not be as attentive as you like. There are clearly signs that the building is not be maintaining correctly.  If the property manager appears lazy and un-motivated, then do not expect him or her to be calling you right away if you have problems.  Paying attention to the little things can give you an idea of where you might be living at in the near future.

The bottom line is don’t rush into any apartment.  Take your time and give yourself enough time in advance so that you can look for an apartment in Streeterville at a reasonable pace without too much stress.

Streeterville Apartment prices on the rise

Streeterville apartments are still in high demand.  With condo constructions on the decline, we are setting demand for rental apartments in Streeterville on the rise which has resulted in rents are on the rise.  Rent in class a buildings are up to $2.43 a square foot (or a 9.46% increase from a year ago).  Luxury apartment rentals are at an average of $2.68 a square foot, up 12.61% over a year ago.  Most real estate experts expect the rent to increase into early 2012.